Otokar, the pioneer land systems company of the Turkish Defence Industry, has unveiled its new generation ‘AKREP II’ armoured vehicle family. In collaboration with AxleTech, Otokar debuts the very first version of the AKREP IIe Electric Vehicle group at IDEF 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey, between 29 April and 3 May.

The AKREP II is the latest product of Otokar’s design and development studies and proof of the company’s ability to leverage its engineering, manufacturing and expertise across a large portfolio of armoured tactical vehicles.

The AKREP II family will be an outstanding solution for modern armies with its superior manoeuvrability and agility, as well as the outstanding design allowing the integration of various types of armament, weapon stations, and alternative powerplants. A fully electric variant of the vehicle named AKREP IIe is on display at IDEF 2019 and will attract users as a technology demonstrator with a powerful electric motor integrated to the axle and advanced battery pack.

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç noted that with technological superiority, design capability and 30 years of experience, Otokar’s position in the global defence industry is getting stronger by the day: “Being Turkey’s internationally recognised land platform manufacturer, we highly enjoy our extensive new vehicle development capabilities born by both our know-how and experience. We are more than happy to carry our experience in designing and developing armoured vehicles onto the new vehicles.

“Our new generation armoured family AKREP II is a legacy from Otokar’s AKREP vehicle, which was initially launched in 1995 as a weapon carrier vehicle with a 3-man crew. AKREP achieved an excellent field record in various missions all over the world. With this genetic heritage, Otokar’s new armoured vehicle family, the AKREP II is a successor specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of current and future military environments thanks to its compact size, low silhouette, low acoustic and thermal signature, and effective firepower.”

Emphasising Otokar’s commitment for applying new technologies to armoured vehicles, Serdar Görgüç added: “Considering the continuously changing combat conditions and threats, and by getting inspired from different requirements of our clients in different parts of the world, we combined our experience with our engineering and R&D capabilities with AxleTech and debuted newly developed AKREP IIe at IDEF.

“AKREP IIe is a significant indication of Otokar’s growing commitment for applying promising technologies to armoured vehicles. The vehicle also highlights Otokar’s maturity in the design and development of state of the art armoured vehicles. AKREP IIe’s modern design provides mobility, agility and durability required for the wide range of missions.

AxleTech vice-president of business development Daniel Chien said: “AxleTech is committed to providing innovative electric powertrain systems to complement our field-proven and industry-leading drivetrain solutions for the defense industry. Our collaboration with Otokar demonstrates our shared values of providing forward-thinking products for customers and staying ahead of trends.”

AKREP IIe: Turkey’s first Electric Armoured Vehicle

AKREP IIe is a technology demonstrator equipped with an innovative electric-based power and propulsion solution that consists of a highly efficient and powerful electric motor, advanced battery pack and smart power control algorithm. Low silhouette, reduced size and weight, increased mobility and swiftness, decreased levels of acoustic and thermal signature are other contributing factors of AKREP IIe’s innovative electric-based power and propulsion solution.

AKREP II can be equipped with alternative powerplants (electric, diesel and hybrid). A fully-electric variant of AKREP II, which is on display at IDEF 2019, is a technology demonstrator with a powerful electric motor integrated to the axle and advanced battery pack. With electric power source at the heart of its design, AKREP IIe is extremely agile with increased mobility and swiftness. Capable of running at a considerably low level of acoustic and thermal signature, AKREP IIe is suited to be an excellent choice for conducting stealthy military operations.


AKREP II’s four-wheel drive system and steerable axles (optional) give the vehicle superior manoeuvrability. Relying on the four-wheel independent suspension and swift torque control of the power pack, AKREP II can travel cross-country over challenging terrain and traverse deep mud, snow or water with equal ease. In terms of mobility, electric-based power and propulsion solution enables AKREP II to be quicker at start with instantaneous high torque. Reduced size and weight are also contributing factors to AKREP II’s agility. AKREP II has outstanding automotive performance in terms of speed, acceleration and gradeability. AKREP II controls the basic mechanical components of steering, acceleration and deceleration electrically (drive-by-wire). This forms a technically feasible platform for remote control or adaptation of various driving assistance systems and even autonomous capabilities.

As a multi-role vehicle suitable for various military missions, AKREP II has the ability to provide effective firepower without compromising survivability. Thanks to high payload capability, medium calibre turrets up to 90mm can be integrated. AKREP II can also be configured for various types of weapon platforms for quick reaction, reconnaissance, scout and surveillance missions, base/air defence missions, and other similar tasks.