OKO’s best-selling Off Road anti-puncture tyre sealant has long been available in a 25 litre drum (with an alloy drum application pump) and a 1250ml bottle.

Now, to meet popular demand, OKO has launched a new 5 Litre/1.32 Gallon Jerry Can size, which is ideal for small to medium military vehicles and is easy to carry onboard. It is supplied together with OKO’s Tyre Sealant Injector, which accurately delivers up to 150ml/5 fl. oz. with each full stroke of the syringe. It has a screw fitting which ensures a clean and accurate delivery into the valve stem; and it comes fitted with a valve core remover.

This is a superior delivery method when compared to the 30ml plastic pumps offered by some other companies, which are inaccurate and can leak when fitting the sealant.

Like for like, OKO’s pricing is ultra-competitive against the smaller 1 gallon can competitors – while OKO’s advanced chemistry makes it more efficient – requiring 15-30% less sealant for each off road tyre than other brands.