This week, Myriad Technologies announced the capability to deliver S2IX via Microsoft Azure’s Australia Central cloud.

S2IX provides the technological advances to enhance mission, activity, investigation and operational activities in secure environments across challenging networks and dispersed locations. S2IX allows governance, compliance and policy adherence to function in the background for the end user, providing the ability to focus on day-to-day tasks and exchange of information in a structured, collaborative environment to protected level. Training is also a core part of this service and is provided exclusively by our partner New Horizons.

A unique difference of these Azure regions is the capability to locate existing systems, private clouds, specialised networking or safety-critical systems within the same facilities as Azure, and indeed directly connected to Azure. The hybrid flexibility, performance and security this delivers enables the modernisation of even the most complex applications. Along with direct connectivity within these facilities and direct connectivity over the private Australian Government ICON network, Microsoft Azure now offers a unique capability for high-performance, very low-latency networking between these two Australian Central regions.

Myriad Technologies is delivering S2IX via Microsoft Azure Australia Central to give customers more agility when building intelligent applications and run their most mission-critical applications and workloads. It is the only cloud with dedicated cloud regions in Australia restricted specifically for government and mission-critical needs.

Myriad Technologies managing director Perry Smith commented on the importance of the progression of technologies into the Azure Australia Central:

“The Microsoft Azure environment offers unparalleled levels of service to government customers and their partners that require advanced compute and store. Government customers, including Australian Department of Defence can leverage the new platform to deliver cloud services in a highly secure environment.”

Microsoft Australia director and commercial partner Mark Leigh said:

“Microsoft partners play a critical role in transforming the national computing fabric with Microsoft’s Azure Australia Central. From today, our Australian partner network of 11,000 businesses can leverage the general availability of Azure Australia Central to serve customers in government and national critical infrastructure. In doing so, that’s approximately 290,000 Australians and their organisations who can play a more direct role in creating our future and creating jobs for the next-generation workforce coming through school and universities.”

Customers can now use S2IX via Microsoft Azure Australia Central, by contacting Myriad Technologies on

Myriad Technologies is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner. We are a recognised information management company, specialising in technology alignment and best practice for Microsoft SharePoint’s wide range of capabilities – improving communications, leveraging information and encouraging knowledge-sharing cultures.

This alignment allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers with the full power of our experienced and qualified consulting and technical teams.

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