MENATEK, a revered engineering powerhouse within the defence sector across Türkiye and the MENA region, proudly announces its participation at EUROSATORY from June 17th to 21st, 2024, at Paris Nord Villepinte. With a distinguished history of serving more than 40 countries, MENATEK has been the primary contractor for the US Army since 2016, in addition to securing major clients such as NATO units, the Turkish Army, and global OEMs. Renowned for innovation and commitment to excellence, MENATEK delivers unique solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the defence landscape.

In addition to our exceptional NAZ Bearings®, MENATEK specializes in the production of torsion bars, running gear, armour systems, periscopes, military-grade weather sensors, and TST machines. Our dedicated R&D team, comprised of highly skilled professionals, enables us to design intricate solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We operate on a ‘build to print, design to spec, test to validate’ approach, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.

NAZ Bearings® & DuPont collaboration

Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our collaboration with DuPont in the development of NAZ Bearings®, which boasts the most durable self-lubricating bearing technology in the world, powered by DuPont™ Engineered Composite. NAZ Bearings® are renowned for exceptional quality, unbeatable lead times, customized solutions, rigorous testing, and proven performance. Its application areas span military vehicles, marine, heavy-duty vehicles, industrial machinery, renewable energy, and aerospace. As an engineering house, MENATEK is equipped to serve in all these areas. Additionally, NAZ Bearings® are manufactured to meet any desired dimensions and specifications. We eagerly anticipate showcasing this groundbreaking product and our collaboration with DuPont to the defence world at EUROSATORY, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

MENATEK as an engineering house

At MENATEK, we prioritise innovation and excellence in engineering solutions, transcending conventional boundaries to deliver unparalleled results. Renowned as a premier engineering house, we specialize in a myriad of sectors, not limited to defence but encompassing a vast spectrum of industries reliant on cutting-edge engineering prowess. At the core of our operations lies a multidisciplinary team of seasoned engineers equipped with an extensive repertoire of skills spanning mechanical engineering domains. Leveraging our collective expertise, we thrive on confronting intricate challenges and devising ingenious solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each sector we serve.

MENATEK stands also as a leading authority in Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and Upgrade (MROU) programs, celebrated for our expertise in crafting bespoke modernization and localization solutions tailored specifically for advanced military land vehicles and subsystems. With a focus on precision engineering, we specialise in the development of running gears and subsystem components exclusively designed for military applications.

MENATEK’s commitment to excellence shines through in our comprehensive after-sales technical support services and active engagement in advancing MROU initiatives. Central to our operations is designing and manufacturing cutting-edge subsystems, vital for enhancing the performance of tracked and wheeled military vehicles. Through strategic collaborations with top domestic entities, we play a pivotal role in localizing defence initiatives, fostering growth, and ensuring sustainability within the sector.

Additionally, MENATEK boasts in-house test capabilities for performance, life-cycle, proof, and environmental testing. Through our testing capabilities, we meet the demand for test systems at the highest quality level, offering cost-effective solutions. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in engine, transmission, and gearbox test systems, we stand as one of the leading companies in Turkey.

In a world characterised by constant evolution and relentless progress, MENATEK stands as a beacon of engineering excellence, steadfast in our commitment to shaping a better tomorrow. With our unwavering dedication to innovation, diversity, and collaboration, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, driving transformative change across industries, one engineering solution at a time. We invite you to explore customized partnerships and collaborations with our experienced team at MENATEK’s booth in Hall 6 / C-119. Gain insights into our pioneering collaboration with DuPont in the global bearing market and our efforts to set new standards within the defence technology sector. Save the date for our exclusive cocktail event on June 19th at 14:30, offering exceptional networking opportunities. We look forward to your attendance as we come together for this distinguished occasion.