To meet the growing demand for drone detection solutions, we have launched two specialized products: ND-BR019 Handheld Anti-Drone RF Detector and ND-BR020 Anti-Drone RF Location Detector. ND-BR019 is meticulously designed to fulfill the crucial needs of 360-degree drone detection and identification, while ND-BR020 is an advanced anti-drone device tailored for drone positioning and trajectory tracking in specific scenarios.

ND-BR019 Handheld Anti-Drone RF Detector utilizes passive detection, which means it does not emit signals into the surrounding environment. This portable detector is equipped to identify drones with major frequency bands using two distinct detection modes, showcasing its versatility. The Omni-directional Mode ensures coverage in all directions, while the Directional Mode focuses on specific target areas, enhancing the ability to counter potential drone threats effectively.

ND-BR019 has the characteristics of long detection range and low false alarm. Besides, it employs cutting-edge spectrum sensing and artificial intelligence technologies to decode signals from drone flight control and image transmission. It can operate independently or collaborate with anti-drone jamming devices, bolstering security for critical infrastructure and large-scale events.

Another important addition to our lineup is ND-BR020 Anti-Drone RF Location Detector. By employing advanced algorithms, ND-BR020 deciphers drone signal messages and protocols, extracting vital data such as GPS coordinates, flight altitude, speed, direction, model, SN code, take-off point address and other key drone information. Remarkably, it can also determine the location of the drone pilot, presenting comprehensive real-time data through a graphical interface for an overview of detection circumstances, assisting the operator to select appropriate drone countermeasures.

ND-BR020 has the excellent capability to display flight trajectories of multiple drone targets and their serial numbers. Moreover, it is designed to trigger alarms only for drones on the blacklist, while whitelisted drones are identified without causing any alerts. Equipped with a powerful built-in lithium battery, it can operate continuously for over 12 hours even in challenging electromagnetic environments and adverse weather conditions, ensuring comprehensive 360-degree protection.

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