John Cockerill Fortress takes the opportunity of Expoprotection 2021 to present its range of proven technological systems, including Fortress Multi-Iris, an intelligent stereoscopic detection system for perimeter protection, winner of the 2021 Innovation Awards in the ‘Safety-Security’ category.

John Cockerill Fortress consists of six product families with innovative, complementary, integrated and multi-layered technological features:

  • Intelligent stereoscopic detection: Fortress Multi-Iris*, a unique technology that
    combines stereoscopic vision, thermal sensors, artificial intelligence and advanced
    algorithms to detect any suspicious behaviour, while segmenting the type of threats. (*Presented at the show in its mobile configuration, our fully passive and versatile solution provides operators with the ability to anticipate and respond to threats).
  • EO/IR systems: high performance optical and infrared systems for medium and long-range surveillance and security.
  • Anti-drone solution: Fortress Drone Defender is a complete, fixed and mobile, proven solution for the detection, identification, classification, interception and neutralisation of all types of drones.
  • Aerial surveillance: observation drones and aerostats for the mastery of the third
    dimension allowing persistent surveillance of territories over very long distances.
  • Biometric access management: flexible ‘on the move’ biometric access management solution including multi-site real-time security management.
  • Perimeter protection technology: innovative and effective solutions for all perimeter threats.
  • Jean-Marc Tyberg, Chairman of John Cockerill Fortress: “Our presence at Expoprotection is an excellent opportunity to showcase our range of cutting-edge systems and solutions.

John Cockerill Fortress has built up a portfolio of the most successful proven solutions on the market through agreements and sovereign technology transfers. We meet the expectations of public and private players through our disruptive and complementary approach to technologies already acquired by our customers. Our mission is to respond to the major security challenges of our country, both present and future, and to the major export markets.

Our ambition is to become a major player in the French security industry. Obviously, in this technological race and in the face of the ever-increasing complexity of threats, we consider it strategic to develop technological innovation and R&D partnerships with key players in our country.

We are delighted to be able to take part in this important event and to exchange with visitors and other experts in the sector on this occasion and above all we are proud to present ‘The new frontiers of safety, security and sovereignty’.

John Cockerill Fortress – Expoprotection 2021 – booth 79 / H5