Our team are deeply committed to innovating and improving its radar technology, to provide compressive and highly integrated anti-drone systems and solutions, for preventing any possible threats imposed by invading drones and protecting low-altitude areas.

As one of the most popular products, ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System could effectively detect and track all available civil drones / unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), from micro to large drones, and force them landing or returning through precise jamming. This anti-drone system is also equipped with dual camera (visible & thermal) for more accurate detection results and track-recording functions.

Through continuous application and study, our team have upgraded this anti-drone system with longer detection range and better performance. In August 2019, multiple tests on the system functions and performance have been held for local police department. In the field tests, this upgraded anti-drone system could detect invading drones within 200m (test data: 195m), and clearly display flight tracks of the detected drones on its software interface. The test results have proved the significant improvement of this anti-drone system, and its admirable performance have been approved by customer.

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