HTS TENTIQ will present its core range of military shelters at the company’s world-renowned Tent Expo, Wächtersbach Exhibition Ground, Germany, between 14-17 November. The focus will primarily be on the TRZ – Military Troop Shelter range and the ABZ – Inflatable Shelter range. HTS TENTIQ is the military and humanitarian division of global temporary structures manufacturer, HTS TENTIQ.

Now in its 17th year, Tent Expo is the company’s in-house exhibition attracting thousands of customers from all around the world. The event showcases the vast range of temporary structures and rapid deployment shelters designed and manufactured by HTS TENTIQ.

The exhibition offers complimentary hospitality and entertainment, as well as commercial and technical experts on hand for advice and meetings over the four days.

This year, HTS TENTIQ will be presenting the mainstay tents from their vast and diverse product range:

  • TRZ Military Troop Shelters

These tough and depending shelters are typically used for accommodation but can also be used for many other applications such as canteens, meeting halls, triage points and much more. They are engineered to be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C and up to 100km/h wind speed and 25kg/m² snow load. Multiple sizes are available, including bespoke, and they can be set up by four people in around 20 minutes.

Troops Shelters will be on full display at the Expo, including camouflage PVC covers, insulated liners, adjustable flooring systems, lighting and HVAC systems.

  • ABZ Inflatable Military Shelters

The primary advantage of these shelters is the remarkably easy and fast transportation and build time – which on average takes around five minutes for one or two people. As with the troop shelters, they are also ideal for accommodation such as living spaces, offices, kitchens and medical areas.

Looking round the fully assembled ABZ shelters at the Expo, with the HTS TENTIQ team, will demonstrate just how easy and quick the set-up process really is.

As well as the core military shelter systems above on full display, information, advice and expert help will also be available for the complete product range, including:

  • Carbon hybrid military shelters – a ground-breaking innovation that ensures a lighter but stronger structure – quicker, easier and more economical to transport, handle and set up, and yet stronger than its traditional counterpart
  • Low-cost quality shelters – a basic type of cover that provides a great combination of low cost and quality
  • Mobile field equipment – equipment and accessories for mobile field camps: HVAC systems, flooring, lighting, linings, partitions, electrics and much more

Regular Factory Tours (just a short shuttle bus ride from the exhibition) will provide a more detailed understanding of the design, engineering and production process of the HTS TENTIQ range, for those who are interested.

Complimentary HTS TENTIQ hospitality will also be provided for all HTS TENTIQ guests with food and drink throughout the event and evening entertainment.

The Head of HHTS TENTIQ, Michael Zeh, said about the forthcoming show: “Tent Expo is a fantastic time to meet our valued clients and to demonstrate first hand our range of military and humanitarian shelters. The complete HTS TENTIQ team will be available throughout the show to answer any questions and show guests around the display.

“Meetings can be booked in advance with any member of the team, so please contact me on the details below if you want to arrange this. We really look forward to welcoming everyone and hope that Tent Expo 2018 will be the best year yet.”