How FC-BRV-02 Rapid Blast Damper Differentiates itself with Outstanding Blast Protection Performance

Blast damper, usually referred to as the specific type of damper that carries parallel blades, looks like air volume damper, has been a typical blast protection product for HVAC system of blast shelters. While most of the blast dampers share very similar design, FUCARE’s FC-BRV-02 Rapid Blast Damper makes itself greatly distinguished from other alternatives with its opposite design philosophy.

Regular blast dampers mainly rely on the strength of shafts and blades. The larger the damper size is, the stronger its blade and shafts must be to maintain its protection capacity. Otherwise, it would be compromised due to lower rigidness of the blade assembly at larger size.

However, the weight of blade assembly is critical for the blast damper in terms of blast protection performance given the fact the blades get momentum from the blast pressure to close. Lighter blade assembly means the blast damper could close faster and less blast pressure could get into protected side during the closing period of blades. So, the protection performance of regular blast dampers at small sizes could work well but the protection weakens when the damper size is larger.

FUCARE FC-BRV-02 Rapid Blast Dampers are characterized with single-sheet blades, enhanced blade supporting grid and short shafts.

These design features assure the minimum Moment of Inertia of blade assembly while the enhanced blade supporting grid separates the blast damper opening to many tiny cells which present minimum challenge to blade under blast pressure. In addition, it is easy to enhance the blade supporting grid for higher blast pressure or larger blast damper while maintaining the same protection performance.

In real blast tests, FUCARE FC-BRV-02 has proved it could fully close by only 8ms with blast pressure of 2bar while the closing time of other alternative products could be over 25ms under the same blast pressure. Thanks to its rapid closing, FUCARE FC-BRV-02 Rapid Blast Dampers could stop 98.5% blast impulse loaded on damper and this probably is one of the best blast protection products.