Production is one thing. Implementation is another. But in the end products must also meet customers’ expectations. Therefore, GUMOTEX Rescue Systems teams regularly attend events where representatives of customers, i.e. users, can touch and test their products themselves.

Decontamination equipment, tents for emergency accommodation, antiflood barriers. These are all tools which security services need nowadays in their work on a daily basis and which represent the latest trends in this field. Representatives of the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Services of the Czech Republic, as well as representatives of Regional Fire Rescue Services came to the training facility in Tišnov to see displays of products which have been protecting Czech firefighters for many years in life-threatening situations.

Their interest was piqued for example by a decontamination vehicle equipped with everything, including GUMOTEX Rescue Systems products, that is needed to deal with a leakage of a dangerous chemical. “Our goal is to make work of people such as members of Fire Rescue Services easier. The team of experts at GUMOTEX continuously monitors trends and innovates their products so that we can make their difficult work easier and safer. We are pleased that they were able to literally touch everything with their hands and we believe that in dangerous situations our modern products will support them,” shares Pavel Polák, Sales Manager at GUMOTEX Rescue System.

Firemen also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the GUMOTEX’s brand-new product, an inflatable tent with an integrated decontamination shower which can be set up and taken down within five minutes. “Speed will be appreciated mainly by people in professions where they often find themselves in crisis situations. Tools must support them, not let them down. And our products meet that requirement,” explains Pavel Polák.

The link between all products which the members of the Fire Rescue Services of the Czech Republic led by the Managing Director could try out is speed. Devices such as a decontamination shower or different types of tents can be set up and taken down within a few minutes while maintaining low weight and reliability.

Other modern tools seen in Tišnov were for example pneumatic shears the key task of which is to get an injured person out of a car wreck as soon as possible. A few years ago, firefighters were using shears weighing up to 50kg and it was very challenging to handle them. During the demonstration they could try out a variety of shears and a spreader which are light, easy to use and self-charging. Getting into displayed car wrecks was then almost a piece of cake.

“Keeping up with the times and having modern tools at our disposal is key for our work. The time and nature of extraordinary events which we face is increasingly demanding. To be able to help when saving lives, health and assets effectively, fast and efficiently, we must have high-quality tools,” major-general Drahoslav Ryba, Managing Director, Fire Rescue Services of the Czech Republic, said about the successful event.

GUMOTEX has been developing products for army, police, firefighters and rescue workers for more than 20 years. The company looks for solutions in terms of materials which must withstand the burning sun, as well as Siberian frost, load of all kinds while maintaining low energy demands, weight and ultimately prices. While doing so, the company collaborates with the Military Research Institute and some of its inflatable tents have been catalogued for NATO.