A blast valve is used to protect blast-resistant buildings such shelters and bunkers from the effects of sudden outside air pressure changes.

All blast valves in the market should have the capability to stand the target blast waves claimed but their protection performance on blast-mitigation could be significantly varied due to different designs. The protection performance on blast-mitigation of a blast valve is critical for selection of the blast valves in order to protect the personnel, air handling and duct systems inside shelters from being destroyed by passing-through blast waves.

Thanks to its innovative tortoiseshell design with tiny closing blades, the FUCARE FC-RBV-11 high-performance blast valve finds its best mix of blast-protection capabilities regarding both high-level blast grade and high-level blast mitigation.

Tested at VTT lab in Finland, the FC-RBV-11 high-performance blast valve could stand at least a 13-bar blast hit for a long duration with passing through peak pressure mitigated to only 0.4-bar and stand 20-bar for a short time. The block rate of blast impulse is approximately 100%, which proves it is one of the best blast-protection equipment pieces in the world.

Further to its outstanding blast-protection performance, FC-RBV-11 high-performance blast valves also have more important safety features that bring additional values to users who install them, such as FC-RBV-11 high-performance blast valves capable of maintaining the same flow performance after blast hits thanks to its double-leg springs design, while some blast valves may lose 20-50% flow performance due to distorted springs; valve block and closing blade of FC-RBV-11 high-performance blast valves, the core actuator body, are made of aluminium alloy, which is the best material against corrosion for long-term service without concern of deteriorating protection performance, especially in conditions where high-speed air flow carrying sand particles may remove the traditional coating such as paint and galvanise coatings, or where the blast valves are installed near the sea.

FUCARE FC-RBV-11 high-performance blast valves have been applied to military shelters worldwide and also applied to industrial blast-resistant shelters, including Germany BASF, Kuwait KNPC and Malaysia Petronas.

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