FUCARE upgraded its FC-BRD-01 blast door product line with new generation of hardware carrying enhanced performance on robustness, durability and maintenance-free.

All three heavy-duty hardware components, the hinges, panic bar set and latches, are now made of stainless steel 304. All heavy-duty anchoring bolts connecting hardware to door frame and door leaf are now completely sealed off and protected from weather and damage. It means the safety performance of these components would not be compromised in long term thanks to great corrosion resistance and improved structural design.

Thanks to these upgrades, FUCARE has decided to extend warranty time of FC-BRD-01 blast doors from 1 year to 10 years and expects the upgraded product line would bring customer experience to a new level.

From now on, all FUCARE FC-BRD-01 blast doors under new orders will be shipped with new generation hardware.