FN Herstal is pleased to announce that its FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit has been selected to be part of the Infanterist der Zukunft – Erweitertes System (IdZ-ES) programme for the German Army.

The FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit makes target engagement fast and very accurate, day or night, and dramatically increases the hit probability of the 40mm grenade system.

The FN® FCU Mk3 takes into account a number of complex factors: the range to the target, slope angle, temperature, grenade type, cant and drift effect and automatically indicates the correct point of aim to the user. This is particularly helpful when faced
with extreme stress situations in defence or security operations.

Additionally, FN Herstal’s Fire Control Unit is easy to use, light and compact, and can be fitted onto a wide range of underbarrel and stand-alone launchers. Last but not least, the FN® FCU Mk3 has several laser safety features for enhanced training capability.

The FN® FCU will be on display at FN Herstal’s booth (Hall 10.1, Booth no. 219) at ENFORCE TAC 2018 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, between 7-8 March.

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