The first steel powder has now been produced at SSAB in Oxelösund. This is a major step on the journey that SSAB has undertaken to become a player in the rapidly growing market for additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing.

Back in October 2020, SSAB in Oxelösund announced that the company was entering an entirely new industry, the additive manufacturing industry, also known as 3D printing. SSAB Oxelösund has now produced the first steel powder in the brand-new production facility. It consists of a gas-atomizing unit that melts the steel, which is then pulverized into powder with the use of an inert high-pressure gas.

“The test results look very promising. Especially in terms of the key aspects of the steel powder such as roundness and the size distribution of the granules, which are also the biggest challenges. The tests and deliveries to customers have also been successful,” explained Johnny Sjöström, Divisional Manager of SSAB Special Steels.

The work now continues with the development of the manufacturing process with the objective to launch new steel powder products on the market next year. In parallel with the development of new products, work will also continue on the development of the new facility. This includes implementing additional equipment such as a 3D printer for steel powder, but also a screening and packaging machine.

“I’m extremely happy with the rapid progress we´ve made in such a short time. There are plenty of opportunities in the future, also bearing in mind the fossil-free steel production starting in Oxelösund in 2026,” said Johnny Sjöström.