Emergency responders have little time to manage emergency response facilities, inventories and patient records when everyone around them needs their attention.

Yet maintaining the effectiveness of equipment, availability of supplies and tracking treatment are critical components to ensure care is optimised.

Through advanced system automation, FORTS Medical frees personnel to focus on the all-important patient care.

FORTS Medical shelters provide the following solutions:

  • Whether stored in a ‘mission ready’ state or deployed in the most remote corner of the world, all utility systems and medical equipment can be monitored and controlled 24/7/365 with the FORTS Medical wireless Z-Wave based automation system
  • A FORTS Medical shelter’s lights, electrical outlets, doors and door access, fire alarms, security cameras, flood alarms, HVAC, electric generator, oxygen generator, potable water generator, fuel & sanitary waste storage, internal communication systems, medical equipment, etcetera are supported by a secure intranet-based system which allows for on-site or off-site command and control with a smartphone or tablet
  • Radio frequency identification denoting (RFID) sensors attached to patient emergency call pendants, controlled substances and crucial medical equipment allows continuous staff monitoring and critical control in and around FORTS Medical shelters
  • Monitoring the location, preventative maintenance schedule and operational status of RFID tagged medical equipment ensures the medical equipment is available to perform when needed
  • The FORTS Medical Patient eChart System simplifies and expedites accurate patient record keeping with biometric fingerprint verified vitals, medication tracking, imaging files and lab test results, which are automatically posted in a patient’s record from the source medical equipment
  • Inventory management is made easy with FORTS Medical barcode labels on all consumables to facilitate proactive stock rotation, automated ordering and timely inventory restocking