Evans Capacitor Company is delighted to announce the appointment of BTI Global Innovation Inc. as their Sales Representative for Canada. BTI Global Innovation is based out of Ottawa and led by Bernadette Terry.

BTI Global Innovation works with the world’s most innovative companies to bring best-in-class technologies to the global marketplace.

EVANSCAPS, made by Evans Capacitor Company, offer significant savings of space and weight coupled with superior electrical performance when compared to other capacitor technologies.

EVANSCAPS’ trusted and proven hybrid technology deliver a critical (and often enabling) solution to applications such as radar, laser, power hold up / bridge power, GaN amplifier, downhole drilling, electronic warfare and many more.

Evans Capacitor Company is AS9100 certified.

“BTI Global Innovation Inc. is pleased to offer support to Evans and their customers as their representative in Canada. Evans’ world-class innovative capacitors are used by virtually all Tier 1 aerospace and defence companies in the USA and internationally.

“As they meet or exceed NASA’s stringent requirements, they are also used in various space applications and can be found on the International Space Station, in several different satellites and LIDAR systems. Evans Capacitors High-Temperature Series are already used by major companies in the aerospace and oil and gas sectors in Canada,” said Bernadette Terry, CEO of BTI Global Innovation Inc.


BTI Global Innovation Inc.

Bernadette Terry, CEO

+1 613 501 5316