EDGE Group entity, BEACON RED, an advanced defence solutions provider that tackles complex national security threats, today announced a strategic agreement with NW3C to introduce and facilitate law enforcement training courses in the UAE, as well as provide guidance and logistical support as needed. NW3C, an international non-profit organisation, provides training, curriculum development and support services to criminal justice and investigative agencies.

Under the terms of the agreement, BEACON RED will support and facilitate training, curriculum development and other NW3C services. Additionally, BEACON RED will provide expertise within the UAE to support joint development training opportunities within the UAE law enforcement sector, as well as other cyber investigative agencies at the federal and Emirate levels.              .

Mauricio De Almeida, CEO of BEACON RED, and Chuck Cohen, Vice President of NW3C, made the announcement together at ISS Middle East. Accompanying the announcement, the two organisations performed a signing ceremony to mark the occasion.

Speaking at the signing, De Almeida said: “BEACON RED is honored to partner with NW3C, enabling us to bring world class cyber investigative, forensics, and other training to our law enforcement partners across the region. This furthers our goal to form strategic alliances that bolster this vision. As a leading national security training provider, we are committed to adding value for our current and future clients through groundbreaking curriculum and look forward to this partnership’s capacity to fortify the region’s cyber-crime investigative workforce.”

Glen Gainer, NW3C President and CEO, commented on the occasion: “Criminals and crimes do not stop at geographic or geopolitical boundaries, which is why it is more important than ever for criminal investigators worldwide to have access to innovative training, resources, and additional means to collaborate and communicate. NW3C is proud to be working with BEACON RED to provide consistent, quality criminal investigative and digital forensic training to the UAE, GCC and Middle East.”

With scope to develop and instruct within innumerable national security and intelligence disciplines, BEACON RED provides advanced solutions to national security threats through transformative people, processes and technology.

BEACON RED is part of the Electronic Warfare & Intelligence cluster of EDGE, an advanced technology group that ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.