Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a trusted leading supplier of rugged safety-certifiable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) avionics, today announced that it will demonstrate its DO-254 safety-certifiable VPX3-152 single board computer (SBC) and VPX3-719 graphics and video capture 3U OpenVPX™ rugged COTS modules running the DO-178C safety-certifiable Wind River® VxWorks 653, an ARINC 653 compliant multi-partition real-time operating system (RTOS), at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF).

In the demonstration, the VPX3-719 module will use software drivers based on the Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (CoreAVI) suite of high-performance OpenGL® ES/SC drivers and EASA ED-12C/ FAA DO-178C Level A certification packages. The demonstration will be held in the Tektronik booth.

Safety Certifiable Avionics Solutions

Featured in the demonstration will be the VPX3-152 developmental board support package (BSP), which eases and speeds the development of avionics solutions that must be safety-certifiable to DAL A, the highest design assurance level. The BSP, which was co-developed with Mannarino Systems & Software (MANNARINO), is designed for avionics applications based on the VxWorks 653 RTOS, and enables system designers to cost-effectively begin their application development using the less costly non-safety-certifiable version of VxWorks 653. Because the BSP supports the same APIs as the safety-certifiable and non-safety-certifiable versions of the RTOS, the migration path to a deployed DO-254/DO-178C DAL A solution is made seamless. What’s more, the BSP provides powerful debugging tools that are not available in the non-safety-certifiable version of VxWorks 653. Also on display in the Tektronik booth will be Curtiss-Wright’s family of ultra-compact rugged mission computers, network switches, and video management solutions.

Ultra-Compact Rugged Mission Computers and Network Switches

Curtiss-Wright’s Parvus® family of ultra-compact rugged mission computers and network switches is ideal for deploying powerful processing and high-speed Ethernet networking on airborne, land and naval platforms, including unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). On display will be the Parvus DuraNET® 20-11 Rugged Network Switch, a revolutionary “pocket sized” 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch subsystem that is 90% smaller and 50% lighter than earlier designs (roughly 10 cubic inches in volume, half a pound in weight, and 5 Watts typical power consumption), as well as the new DuraNET 3300, a MIL-rugged 10G/1G Ethernet Cisco® IOS®-managed switch supporting PoE, fiber optics, and MACsec encryption. Rugged mission computers featured at the booth will include the Parvus DuraCOR 311 Rugged Miniature Modular Mission Computer that features a low-power, four-core Intel Atom 3845 processor equipped with a rugged Flash disk and PCIe-Mini card I/O expansion slots, and the Parvus DuraCOR 8043, a modular mission computer LRU subsystem powered by a multi-core 6th Gen Intel® Xeon® processor. The low-power, fanless DuraCOR 8043 delivers higher computational performance, more powerful graphics, modular I/O expansion, and greater data storage flexibility compared to its predecessors.

Video Management Solutions

At IDEF 2019, in Tektronik’s booth, Curtiss-Wright will also highlight its family of video management system solutions, including its rugged LCD touchscreen displays, video gateways and switches, and video recorders. Curtiss-Wright, one of the leading providers of rugged video management components, will showcase its latest addition to the Rugged Video Gateway range, the Rugged Video Gateway Video Multiplexer (RVG-VM1). The RVG-VM1 eases and speeds the configuration of a platform’s complex video management system. With its built-in quad-channel video multiplexer and support for a wide array of analog and digital video input formats, the RVG-VM1 simplifies the process of defining video display configurations that match the operator’s unique requirements for each mission. This enables operators to select and configure their display view, providing them with flexible control over scaling, and the ability to select between quad, triple, dual, or single screen layouts.

This powerful video management building block is ideal for space-constrained manned and unmanned platforms of all types and is seamlessly interoperable with Curtiss-Wright video management system solutions. Also on display will be the AVDU5500 high-definition display with daylight visibility and night vision goggle compatibility, and a range of video switches and video recorders, including the RVG-SA1 analog video switch, RVG-SD1 digital video switch and RVG-FC1 video format converter, all 2018 Military and Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards Gold Honorees. Curtiss-Wright’s range of video recorders will be represented by the rugged, small form factor VRDV7000 dual-channel HD/SD video recorder.