Bertin is due to provide its optronic equipment to the French Ministry of Defense. The equipment will monitor Canjuers’ combined forces shooting training center (CETIA).

In 2018, Bertin solutions will start the surveillance and observation of the training on the centre’s five shooting ranges.

Bertin Technologies, a CNIM Group company, announces that its PeriSight® and FusionSight® optronic solutions have been selected to equip the CETIA in Canjuers, the largest shooting training centre in Western Europe.

As part of the renovation of Canjuers’ (Var, France) combined forces shooting training centre (CETIA), the French Ministry of Defense issued a call for tender for surveillance products to equip the centre’s five shooting ranges.

At the end of this call for tender, the Ministry retained Bertin’s offer, based on PeriSight®, a fixed 360° vision system and FusionSight®, a night vision monocular with smart digital / thermal fusion. Bertin will supply and install the surveillance equipment, maintain its operation and provide customer support for five years.

Bertin’s Systems and Instrumentation business unit operations manager Damien Diaz said: “The tender was for fixed equipment on the control tower of the shooting ranges and for nomadic equipment for master gunners. The setup was to ensure observation and monitoring during training.

“Our PeriSight® and FusionSight® products are perfectly suited to these scenarios because they help ensure the security of critical state sites and the protection of people and property, day and night, regardless of weather conditions.”

Indeed, FusionSight® is the first handheld optronic device to offer a smart fusion of thermal and visible colour images, allowing users to benefit from increased day and night vision, with the ability to save images in digital format. Patented, the colour / thermal smart fusion mode promotes the understanding of all field situations.

PeriSight® modules are made up of camera blocks with a visible low-light colour sensor and a thermal sensor with multiple viewing modes. Fully digital, PeriSight® enables video stream sharing, electronic stabilisation, automatic detection and target tracking.

Each control tower is equipped with six simple orientable modules and two side-by-side PeriSight® modules. The master gunners also have one FusionSight® monocular as well as a device for WIFI connection with the control system and playback system installed on the control tower.

Indispensable for operational readiness, the CETIA is a reference tool for combined forces shooting, offering the ability to combine manoeuvre and shooting, and to train troops in embarked and combined shooting. The observation and surveillance system is a key element of Canjuers’ CETIA, the soldiers being confronted, over a course of 20km, to multiple combat scenarios: offensive, defensive, embarked, and disembarked.

This course is the only infrastructure where the use and combination of different forces shooting are fully achieved. The CETIA of Canjuers is currently used for shooting practice (missiles, artillery, helicopters, and tanks) for French and foreign units.

There are 75,000 shells, 1,000 missiles and 1,600,000 projectiles of all sizes fired over 330 days per year. It is the only firing range in France allowing the firing of multi-rocket launchers.