FN Herstal proposes a short telescopic buttstock for its FN SCAR®-SC Subcompact Carbine.

This variant adds to the already wide choice of buttstock types available for this weapon:

  • QQ standard telescopic buttstock (coming standard with the FN SCAR®-SC Subcompact Carbine)
  • QQ fixed buttstock
  • QQ foldable buttstock (concave or convex butt plate)
  • QQ foldable, adjustable offset buttstock for aiming and shooting with anti-riot or bulletproof helmet visor

This comprehensive product offering will enable the Law Enforcement and Security personnel to select the buttstock best suited to their morphology and the mission at hand.

The FN SCAR®-SC is the subcompact model derived from the FN SCAR® rifle family, specifically adapted for Security Forces. Extremely compact for use in confined spaces, the 5.56mm x 45mm (.223) calibre FN SCAR®-SC Subcompact Carbine is available with semi-auto or selective fire trigger mechanism and a wide variety of accessories, including a sound suppressor, and can feed non-military ammunition (for example soft nose, hollow point). It features a 7.5in barrel, non-reciprocating charging handle, ambidextrous operating controls, MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny type top and side rails for optics and accessories.