Acura Embedded Systems has created some of the best rugged computers on the market today. These rugged computers rise up to the challenge of remaining effective in the most arid regions on earth.

Deserts located in the Middle East, parts of America, and elsewhere can reach extreme daily highs with similarly extreme lows overnight.

High winds and storms can be fatally damaging for any sensitive equipment left outside. That is why Acura Embedded Systems creates rugged solutions for rough locations just like this.

The AcuBrite 15 is a prime example of a computer that goes beyond what the average computer is capable of.

It survives and thrives in the barren regions of the world. Where other computers would overheat, shut-down due to cold temperatures, or get worn down with the wear and tear of dust, sand, and other factors, the AcuBrite 15 is strong enough to continue to operate as usual in spite of what outside forces might throw its way.

Often something as simple as the glare of the sunshine will stop workers in their tracks because computer screens become unreadable. Not so with the AcuBrite 15; its screen is visible no matter how bright the sun is shining.

The AcuBrite 15’s LED-resistive touchscreen makes this computer easy to operate and the dial / auto / screen brightness control allow you to adjust the level of brightness required for the environment you are working in.

It allows you to adjust its brightness in three ways: onscreen, AutoSensor and through dial dimming.

Whether it is a frigid night in the north or a hot day in the desert, the AcuBrite 15 will work without a hitch, due to its -40°C to 60°C operating temperature.

The IP65 Front Panel and aluminium chassis ensure the AcuBrite 15 will stay intact in case of heavy impact from the outside.

This also applies to particles (such as sand or dust, both very common in large quantities in the desert, from coming inside). The AcuBrite 15 and other Acura systems are computers made for harsh operational environments.

Its features include a 1,600 Nit LED-resistive touchscreen, a rugged aluminium Chassis, 8V-30V DC input, a panel and vehicle mount, and standard connectors (Serial, USB and VGA).

Its viewing angle is 160° (left to right) and 160° (top to bottom) with a response time of 8ms, maximum colours of 16.2 million, aspect ratio of 15in 4:3, and a touchscreen that is hardened-resistive (greater than Mohs 5 Glass Surface).

The AcuBrite 15 is also certified with FCC, CE, and IP65. Its display contains a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768, a touch controller of USB or RS232 COM input, a USB port of 2.0 extension, and display input of 1xVGA, 1x DVI. Acura provides ideal rugged PCs for military applications, as well as panel PCs for severe warfare environments.