Aqeri Signs a Sequel Deal with Leading American Defence Company

Aqeri, Swedish manufacturer of rugged computers and communication equipment for extreme environments, has signed a second series contract with a leading American defence company. The deal, worth SEK 15 mill ($2.3m), is a direct continuation of the contracts initially signed in 2012 and delivered during 2013. The total order value of this deal to date amounts to SEK 20m ($2.8m). Deliveries are ongoing and will be completed during the last quarter of 2014.

Aqeri CEO stated: "Successful development work and timely deliveries during 2013 have paved the way for a continuation in 2014, which has now been consolidated by the signing of the second series contract and a three-year contract extension. This creates good opportunities for continued business in the coming years. I am convinced that Aqeri, based on this sequel deal, will continue to establish a platform for more contracts with the same customer and in addition create more business with other companies in the United States".

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