Aqeri Launches Rugged Micro Computer the First Product in New Aqeri Micro

Aqeri launches rugged micro computer

Aqeri, the leading Swedish producer of ruggedised computer and communication equipment for extreme environments, has launched a brand new in-house developed micro computer.

Aqeri 81022 is a rugged mobile micro computer in a very small form factor, ideal in applications like combat vehicles, helicopters and UAVs. In these environments the need for small products is essential as size really matters when it comes to mobility.

Aqeri Micro Computer is fanless and designed with the fifth generation of Intel® i7 processor. The chassis is fully sealed for protection against dust and corrosive elements and designed to meet military standards.

Stefan Öhrman, R&D Manager commented: "Aqeri R&D department’s continuing research of the global defence market for future ruggedised products has resulted in the first of a series in the Aqeri Micro product range, the Aqeri 81022 Micro Computer.

"With this new piece of advanced apparatus, Aqeri once again meets customer requirements for small, powerful and cost-effective products."

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