Aqeri Creates High-Performance Rugged IT Equipment for Battlefield Deployment

Aqeri has recently released two new small form factor products intended for mobile applications in the battlefield.

The first product is a Cisco-based router with switching functionality called Aqeri 96102/96103. The product is based on Cisco 5915ESR. The first order has already been placed and the product will be used as a communications hub where a crypto, satellite COM will be added for installations in vehicles.

Aqeri 96102/96103 will also be used as a carry-on for soldiers as a battery-driven COMMS HUB. The second product, called Aqeri 91021, is a high-performance computer based on the latest Intel Sandy Bridge technology with a quad core i7 processor. Equipped with dual SSD in a RAID 2 configuration for data safety, the Aqeri 91021 will survive in the harshest environment with 100% processor

Aqeri is one of Sweden’s leading companies within the area of rugged computer and communication technology for applications within defense, industry, automotive and civil security.

For more information, please download this free white paper here.

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