Aqeri’s Largest Export Order to Date

Aqeri has received its largest export order to date, worth more than SEK8m. The end-customer is the Indian Army. Over a long period of time, Aqeri has been building up the customers’ confidence in the company’s products and is now beginning to reap the rewards of its hard work. The order, consisting of communication equipment adapted to withstand the extreme environmental conditions in Asia, will take place during the first and second quarters of the year 2011.

The order is part of a bigger project and the third big order in a row. It refers to the final part of a test series prior to the start of a volume series and the Indian Navy has shown interest in the same solution.

Similar products have been successfully tested for some years in another large project, a radar system, at a few places alongside India’s border.

“After eight years of presence in India, with a number of small experimental orders where we have proved our competence, we are now beginning to approach the larger projects, which is tremendously exciting.” says Jan Israelsson, CEO of Aqeri.

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