Aqeri Nominated in Best Cost Reduction Category by ABB

ABB Force Measurement (FM) has been an Aqeri customer for ten years. Aqeri supplies computers and accessories for FM’s needs, which include the calculation and control of flatness and dimensions in rolling mills. Traditionally Stressometer’s control systems have been housed in a controlled environment but a few years ago the requirements were changed. In Asia and other regions the installation environments proved to be considerably more demanding. ABB supplied Aqeri with a new requirement specification, specifying that computers in the control boxes should, amongst other things, be able to withstand higher temperatures than before and represent a more cost-effective solution.

“We developed a new solution, with industrial computers installed in an alternative configuration in their cabinets, creating better possibilities for air to flow through. Developments also included a new screen and keyboard solution placed at an ergonomic height and equipped with a KVM switch. All products are fanless and are therefore suitable for use in an industrial, dusty environment” said Stefan Lindblom, sales manager for industry.

Besides computers developed within the company, Aqeri has also used selected standard components in order to optimise the cost of the solution as much as possible.

The solution has been nominated by ABB for the Best Cost Reduction award at the upcoming annual Supplier Day.

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