Aqeri Enters into Technology Agreement with IBM

The Swedish technology company Aqeri has signed a technology licensing agreement with IBM (NYSE IBM). Under the agreement Aqeri will ruggedise IBM BladeCentre®
server systems to withstand extreme mechanical and environmental conditions. These systems will be made to meet the stringent requirements of the armed forces in various countries. The systems when ruggedised can be deployed in the field for military and industrial applications.

The agreement with IBM covers six countries initially including India, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Australia and was originated by IBM India to meet the growing demand in India for ruggedised servers. The tough, powerful IBM-servers have generated customer interest in India, Germany and several other European countries.

The tough server computers are appropriate for command and control systems with high demands on computing capacity, and can withstand extreme environments such as
being used in containers on trucks driven in off-road country with temperature changes from -20°C to +55°C.

“We are very optimistic about future business and are proud that IBM has chosen to cooperate with us,” said Jan Israelsson, president and CEO of Aqeri.

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