Swebor Releases 600 Brinell Ultra-Hard Armour Steel - Army Technology
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Swebor Releases 600 Brinell Ultra-Hard Armour Steel

Last year, Swebor steel, a rising star on the Armour steel market, released its 600 Brinell ultra-hard armour steel.

600 HB steels have been on the market for decades, but have always been known for brittleness and poor bend-ability. With Swebor Armour 600 a new era of ultra-hard armour steels has begun.

How is this possible?

Swebor stål’s technical manager Dr. Jure Bernetic states: “It is a combination of well developed chemical composition, excellent steel making and advanced and specialised heat treatment. We have some of the worlds most experienced persons when it comes to develop, manufacture and use armour steel in our company and this steel is a result from that.”

600 Brinell armour steels has so far been used as inserts and add on plates. Such a tough and reliable steel can be used as construction steel without being opposed to fatigue fractures and week ballistic points in bends due to micro cracks.

“I have twenty years experience of armour steel and I could not believe what properties we had on the first batch of this material. It could have been a lucky shot, but it was repeated and repeated and here we are with a product that will revolutionise the world of amour steel,” says Robert Östberg, manager armour steels at Swebor Stål.

“This material will make it possible for us to help our customers to develop lighter vehicles at a reasonable cost,” he adds.