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High-Quality Ballistic Protection Steel

Quardian manufactures high-quality steel products worldwide. Its Belgian subsidiary is specialised in the production of plates for mining and military applications.

Rue de Clabecq 101,
1460 Ittre Belgium


Quardian manufactures high-quality steel products worldwide.

Its Belgian subsidiary is specialised in the production of plates for mining and military applications.

Advanced protection steel

Quardian can be used in numerous applications, including shooting stands and ship and frigates to protect life where it may be threatened by gunshots or explosions.

Safety applications include protected buildings such as shelters and guardhouses, mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP), anti-riot trucks, patrol vehicles, armoured personal carriers and armoured civilian vehicles. It can also be used for shooting stands, frigates and in general, where it can protect life against gunshots or explosions.

Quardian’s advanced protection capabilities are approved by a wide range of independent and accredited laboratories. It is available in hardnesses between 300Hb and 600Hb and produced in Belgium.

The thin and wide Quardian plates are available in large widths and thicknesses starting from 3.6mm.

The unique layout of the rolling mill, modernity and technicality of the quenching and tempering unit, as well as the quality of the slabs collectively offer exceptional thickness tolerances, surface finish and flatness for enhanced workability.

The tightest thickness tolerances and the outstanding surface finish are guaranteed by the unique Quarto mill and four-stand continuous finishing mill combination on the same line. Products with an improved surface finish are achieved through the company’s rolling via a four-stand continuous finishing mill and reheating of the plate under a controlled atmosphere (austenitisation furnace with nitrogen).

Quardian is delivered with a high level of flatness (up to half of Class S according to EN 10029 standards) through innovative equipment with independent driving rolls.

High-performance mills for efficient rolling and heat technologies

Quardian offers a range of high-quality production tools for efficient rolling and heat treatment that are unique to the industry.

The reversible quarto mill, four-stand continuous finishing line and new generation accelerated cooling system are all on the same line, allowing high productivity for low-thickness steel plates, superior mechanical characteristics, top-class surface finish and flatness.

The modern quenching and tempering line is built using the latest heat treatment technologies and ensures the production of high added-value steels.

Efficient management systems for high-quality defence standards

Quardian aims to develop and maintain efficiency at all stages to provide partners and customers with high-quality products and services.

The mill carries out audits on a regular basis to ensure that its management systems are adhered to. External independent offices have verified these and granted various certifications to Quardian. Among them, the AQAP 2110 demonstrates its ability to produce Quardian under stringent conditions.

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