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ArmourWorks International

Signature Management, Blast Protection and Armour Systems for the Defence Industry

ArmourWorks International is part of the global ArmourWorks group. We aim to provide technically focused and robust integrated survivability solutions against tight deadlines.

26 Bamel Way,
Gloucester Business Park,
GL3 4BH Other,
United Kingdom

26 Bamel Way,
Gloucester Business Park,
GL3 4BH Other,
United Kingdom

ArmourWorks International is part of the global ArmourWorks group. We aim to provide technically focused and robust integrated survivability solutions against tight deadlines. At ArmourWorks we specialise in three areas:

  • Signature management
  • Blast protection
  • Armour systems

Using our in-house survivability centre we are at the forefront of technology and our R&D continues to push the boundaries of design, materials production and delivery to optimise our life-saving products. Through extensive testing and development we have created some of the best products on the market.

Signature management for vehicle protection solutions

Signature management is a key addition to the ArmourWorks strategy. We work across a whole spectrum of detection systems to provide solutions for both vehicle platforms and the dismounted soldier.

We use cutting-edge technology to prevent the risk of being engaged by a targeted threat. Some of our signature management capabilities include visual and non visual light, seismic detection, non discriminant threats (such as an IED), and other areas that include radar and sonar.

Vehicle armour panels for the defence industry

  • TactiCAM: randomly generated 3-dimensional panels of varying geometric shapes excel at disrupting the planer surfaces of modern external vehicle armour panels, compared to 2D camouflage paint schemes. They can be filled with insulate that can both suppress emissive spectral frequencies, while reducing solar heat gain
  • Opticam: this is used to overcome pattern scaling issues by using a method of creating and building camouflage patterns. It can be used to create and scale existing patterns, and uses existing printing and manufacturing processes

Blast protection combat systems

ArmourWorks blast protection systems provide un-paralleled IED blast and fragmentation protection. Underbody blast protection systems absorb blast energy and stop high-velocity munition fragments. In service around the world are:

  • Foxhound
  • Mastiff
  • Ridgeback

Blast technology to protect against landmine and IED blasts

  • EA-TECH SEATS: ArmourWorks mine blast attenuating seats use advanced shock absorption and improved restraint technology to protect against landmine and IED blasts. They are live fire tested and UK MoD / US government approved for ground vehicle use. Our survivability solutions are in service across multiple platforms worldwide. Count on ArmourWorks to solve your most challenging protection problems
  • EA-TECH BLAST MAT: each blast mat comes completely customised and has a thickness of 19mm or 28mm depending on configuration and requirements. There is an option for spall protection depending on your operational needs. The mat is easily retro fitted with multiple attachment methods which include high-strength velcro, polyurethane adhesive, bolt and eyelet configuration. This range offers high performance at a competitive price

Armour systems for land, sea and air

ArmourWorks produces innovative armour solutions that are designed to meet and exceed international ballistic protection standards. Our technology is designed for land, sea and air platforms.

Our range of armour systems includes spall liners, add on composite, ceramic armour, shaped armour and personal protection.

ArmourWorks armour technology is tested and combat proven. We have the capability to work on a variety of platforms and design bespoke protection systems in accordance with STANAG 4569.

Applique armour for military vehicles

  • Applique Armour: our applique armour is designed for military vehicles. It uses a combination of multi-layer composites and ceramics to obtain the lightest weight and highest performance. The applique armour is designed to be retro fitted to the vehicle to withstand ammunitions that can penetrate the original armour of the hull
  • Blast protection shorts: ArmourWorks blast briefs provide optimal protection with superior freedom of movement
  • 4-way stretch fabrics for enhanced range of motion
  • Breathable materials keep you dry and comfortable
  • Antimicrobial fabrics restrict the growth of odour-causing microbes
  • Strategically placed seams to minimise chaffing

Lazar 3 Multi-Role Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Lazar 3 is the latest addition to the Lazar family of 8x8 multi-purpose armoured fighting vehicles designed and manufactured by Serbian state-owned defence company Yugoimport SDPR.

ArmourWorks Completes Waterjet Machining

ArmourWorks has completed the purchase and installation of a new Waterjet profiling machine at its facility in Gloucester, with a minimum cutting size of 3500mm x 2010mm.

ArmourWorks Awarded with Order from DE&S

ArmourWorks are proud to announce that on the 27 February 2013 DE&S awarded ArmourWorks International Ltd with an order for ballistic rocket pod armour for the UK Apache AH Mk1.

International Armoured Vehicles 2013

International Armoured Vehicles is fast approaching and ArmourWorks are making final preparations to ensure that you will get the most from meeting us at the event.

ArmourWorks International Ltd

26 Bamel Way

Gloucester Business Park




United Kingdom