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Land Vehicle Armouring

13 Gandhi Gram,
G T Road, Kanpur-208 007,
Uttar Pradesh,

MKU is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of armored solutions for the defense sector, globally. It specializes in providing customized solutions in anti-ballistic solutions to its customers spread across more than 60 countries.

Why light weight armour solutions? A comparison – steel vs lightweight armour solutions

Although steel has been the traditional choice for ballistic protection solutions for quite some time, the changing combat applications and the ever increasing lethality of the modern ammunitions have raised serious doubts in recent times on the versatility of steel alone to overcome the performance and survivability criteria required or expected from performance laden and expensive vehicles of today. Whilst steel has many properties which weigh in its favour, the excessive weight of steel can seriously impair or deter the performance and survivability of vehicles in the field because of:

  • Increased GVW (gross vehicle weight)
  • Lower power-to-weight performance ratio in the vehicle
  • Lower payload capacity
  • Need to modify the suspension system to support
  • Increased inertial energy of the vehicle
  • Reduced vehicle maneuverability
  • Higher maintenance costs with regard to mechanical, structural and operational parameters
  • Increased vibration
  • Lack of adaptability to diverse mission criticalities
  • Higher thermal signature
  • Higher in-cabin air-conditioning requirements
  • Poor acoustic properties

Capabilities and capacities

With research and development centres and manufacturing facilities in Germany and India, MKU has over 18,500 m² (200,000ft²) of factory space and employs over 850 people. An integral design house, Multi-Daylight Presses in various sizes, including a 1.2 m x 2.4 m (4ft x 8ft) panel press, precision water jet cutters and an in-house ballistic testing range enable MKU to deliver high quality products quickly and in large amounts.

MKU is one of the very few companies in the world which have knowledge and in-house capabilities to process both soft and hard armour under one roof. It has state-of-the-art facilities such as:

  • In-house design centre for all kinds of protection needs
  • Multi-daylight presses in various sizes including the large 1.2m x 2.4m (4ft x 8ft) press
  • High-quality, precision waterjet cutting machine for cutting various profiles and shapes

Our range of soft and hard armour panels includes:

  • UHMWPE panels
  • Aramid panels
  • Ceramic composite panels
  • Steel composite
  • Spall liners
  • Flexar

MKU’s qualified team of engineers and automobile experts also have the capability of integration of Ballistic armour into the platform with the help of specially designed and patented array of subsystems and attachments which make armour retrofitting quite easy in war theatre or field conditions.

MKU offers the following range of solutions.

  • Military vehicles – armour kits and upgrade armour kits
  • Civilian vehicles – armour kits and upgrade armour kits
  • Fixed object armour
  • Armour design and integration services

The MKU difference

Many of MKU’s competitors produce ballistic protection materials, but MKU goes beyond that, offering a design, production, testing and integration package to meet the precise requirements of each individual customer. MKU understands the complex and demanding directives and guidelines laid down by the regulatory authorities and ensures that both its armour materials and its attachment/fixing system comply fully. MKU works closely with the customer right from the start to deliver an effective, high quality, certificated solution.


AS 9100 & ISO 9001:2008 certified company and follows NATO AQAP and EN 9100 quality procedures. It is certified as a NATO supplier (NATO CAGE Code SDS 57 & C5175) and as a supplier to the German Defence Technology and Procurement Department.


Besides being tested manually, MKU’s products and solutions are also tested and certified by the leading independent laboratories in the world such as HP White (USA), TNO (The Netherlands), TBRL and DRDO (India), Mellrichstadt Ballistic Laboratory (Germany) and Banc Officiel d’Epreuve de Saint Etienne (France).

Logistic and after sales support

MKU understands the importance of integrated logistic support, and treats it as an essential part of the long term
relationship with the customer. Using RFID trace technology, an after sales support team monitors the products from our factories to the customer and thence to the end user, ensuring that expectations are exceeded and true through-life support is achieved.

The MKU team

At MKU, the team of qualified automotive and mechanical engineers, certified Quality Inspectors, weapon specialists and ex-infantry service men have pooled their considerable collective experience and expertise to ensure that potential customers are asked the right questions from the start, that exact requirements are identified quickly, and that effective solutions are proposed and delivered in a timely manner.

Personal Protection for Security and Law Enforcement Officers

In the face of the threats from terrorism, piracy and organised crime, many homeland security and law enforcement agencies are expressing concern about the protection of personnel finding themselves increasingly in harm’s way. Such growing threats range from small arms to artillery to improvise

AST Security Equipment Wins CH-53 Helicopter Contract

AST Security Equipment, a Germany-based engineering firm, has won a contract for armouring 17 medium transport CH-53 helicopters from a NATO-member. The armour is designed to deal with the actual threat that NATO has in its mission area. The area that will be protected is approximately 50m²



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