Meet our long range 15μm 45-900mm Jaegar Searcher MWIR cooled thermal camera.

It has a 20x optical zoom, HFOV of 12.2°-0.61° and 640×512 resolution. Image processing includes Linear AGC, CLAHE, and LAP, and the cooler has a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours.

The Jaegar is a modular, multi-sensor, high powered PTZ platform with pan/tilt speeds of 0.002° – 80° per second and accuracy of 0.0002°. The fixed through-shaft allows the cameras to rotate 360° continuously while keeping a payload on top, fixed in position. The Jaegar PT unit is compatible with a wide range of sensors including Radar, acoustic hailers, SWIR, LRF’s and more.

If you have a current requirement, get in touch and we will design a solution that meets your requirements.