China figures prominently in the timeline of the Indian Government attempting a move to domestic supply of defence products, from being one of the leading importers. Initiatives such as “Make In India” have yielded mixed results, though market size has meant that foreign suppliers set up local assembly, with local partners, where required by government.


Listed below are the major milestones in the journey of the India Impact theme, as identified by GlobalData.

1947 – Indo-Pakistan War of 1947-1948.

1962 – Sino-Indian War in Aksai Chin.

1964 – The People’s Republic of China conducts its first nuclear weapon test.

1965 – Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

1967 – Second Sino-Indian War in Sikkim.

1969 – Sino-Soviet border conflict.

1971 – Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

1971 – China joins the United Nations (UN ), taking the Republic of China’s seat on the Security Council.

1974 – First Indian nuclear weapon test.

1984 – Siachen conflict (1984 – 2003).

1998 – First Pakistani nuclear weapons test.

1999 – Kargil War.

2001 – India-Pakistan standoff.

2005 – US recognises the People’s Republic of China as a rising power, encourages Beijing to act as a “responsible stakeholder”.

2008 – Mumbai attacks, heightened India-Pakistan tensions.

2011 – US initiates the ‘Pivot to Asia’.

2013 – 2013 India-Pakistan border incidents.

2013 – Belt and Road Initiative adopted.

2016 – Border skirmishes with Pakistan (2016-2018).

2019 – India–Pakistan border skirmishes.

2020 – Indian and Chinese clash with clubs in the Galwan Valley.

This is an edited extract from the Impact of India on Aerospace and Defense – Thematic Research report produced by GlobalData Thematic Research.