Adoption of cost-effective automated systems integrated with advanced technologies to reduce the risk of human lives has become a global trend including the United States.

Developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), in combination with sensor and telecommunications technologies, will allow UGVs to handle complex scenarios in more contested and disruptive environments. Moreover, the expansion of data and open-source intelligence, could allow UGVs to assist ground troops in future operations. Recently, the remote weapon manufacturers are also integrating these AI technologies onto the weapon systems according to the ongoing requirements from the platform manufacturers

Samrat Adepu, ADS Analyst at GlobalData comments: “In order to achieve this, the companies are partnering with various technology providers to achieve advanced warfighting capabilities. For instance, BAE Systems has been teamed up with Elbit systems to provide technology for its Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program.”

The planned and ongoing programs of military land vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles can provide various opportunities for major platforms manufacturers and sub-system manufacturers such as EO/IR providers, vehicular armor suppliers and remote weapon station suppliers/integrators etc.

Samrat continues, “For some of these programs with the size of the investment, length of contracts and the number of units involved, the opportunities for companies to help maintain fleets, conceptualize and provide upgrades over the next decade are high.”

The US Army’s need for a light reconnaissance vehicle to equip its infantry brigade combat teams and its plan to spend on the electrification of these vehicles is anticipated to drive the funds allocation for the eLRV program in the near future. In addition to its advanced capabilities, the US Army is evaluating the possibility of replacing its existing M1 Abrams tanks with an unmanned platform after 2025. Such goals will create various opportunities for companies to partner with the US Army.