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The most popular tweets on land warfare in August 2021: Top five

1. Stars and Stripes’ tweet on Army Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson becoming the next SOUTHCOM commander

Stars and Stripes, a US military newspaper providing information related to the US military communities, shared an article on Army Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson becoming the next commander of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). The Senate took a unanimous decision to appoint her the next commander making her the second woman commander to lead the military command.

Richardson will also become the second woman general to receive the fourth star. She will lead SOUTHCOM, which controls military activities across the Caribbean and South and Central America. She will be replacing chief Navy Adm. Craig Faller, who has served the command since November 2018.

Username: Stars and Stripes

Twitter handle: @starsandstripes

Likes: 285

Retweets: 67

2. British Army’s tweet on 2 YORKS becoming the Army’s only Enhanced Light Force Battalion

British Army, the official Twitter account of the British Army, shared an article on a new title of Enhanced Light Force Battalion (ELFB) being conferred to the 2nd Battalion of The Yorkshire Regiment (2 YORKS). The title provides 2 YORKS access to new equipment, kit, and technology worth $165.8m, which will help in building a future force for the British Army.

2 YORKS has been deployed in Cyprus since late 2020 to provide security to all the assets on the island and is also required to be ready to respond to any emergency situations. The new status allows the battalion to experiment with cutting-edge technologies such as the new A3 rifle, the Dismounted Situational Awareness Technology, and the ARRILS sight, which improve communication between soldiers and commanders. Six Robotic Platoon Vehicles (RPV) have also been delivered to the battalion and are designed to carry heavy equipment and support casualty evacuation during conflict situations.

Username: British Army

Twitter handle: @BritishArmy

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Retweets: 23

3. USSOCOM’s tweet on JGSDF’s first bilateral airborne operation in Guam

USSOCOM, the official Twitter account for the US Special Operations Command, shared an article on the execution of Japan’s first airborne bilateral operation outside its land boundaries as part of the Defender Pacific 21 (DP21) exercise held on 30 July 2021 in Guam. The operation included a special forces operational detachment-alpha (ODA) that was allocated to the 1st Special Forces Group (airborne), and 80 members of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF), who were flown into Guam.

The DP21 US Army Pacific exercise offers realistic and repetitive training across land, air, sea, and space domains. The operation demonstrated that both the US and Japan were committed to engage in a national defence strategy that focused on security and freedom by using a combined force.

Username: USSOCOM

Twitter handle: @USSOCOM

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4. Ministry of Defence’s tweet on building the Titania satellite

Ministry of Defence, the official corporate news channel of the UK Ministry of Defence on Twitter, shared an article on the UK government defence research laboratory Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) awarding a £9.5m ($13.13m) contract to In-Space Missions, a provider of consultancy services for building space missions, to build the Titania satellite.

The new satellite will support the Titania Operational Concept Demonstrator, which is currently researching the next-generation Low Earth Orbit (LEO) direct-to-earth free-space optical communications (FSOC) for military use.

The Titania satellite will transmit large amounts of data for military communications at high speeds through a narrow laser beam between two points, with minimal risk and interference. It is expected to be launched in 2023 and will directly communicate with Puck, Dstl’s optical ground station.

Username: Ministry of Defence

Twitter handle: @DefenceHQ

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Retweets: 15

5. Shashank Joshi’s tweet on China preparing to recognise the Taliban

Shashank Joshi, defence editor at The Economist, an international weekly newspaper, shared an article on the Chinese Communist Party looking to formalise its relationship with the Taliban if it managed to overthrow the government in Kabul. Beijing urged the Taliban to reconcile its issues with President Ashraf Ghani’s government in the past. The US government has also pressed for a reconciliation between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government.

China’s plans to recognise the Taliban, however, undermines the US government’s disapproval of Taliban’s international legitimacy as the ruler of Afghanistan. Stability in Afghanistan can enable China to benefit from the economic investments made in the country such as mineral rights and completion of the Wakhan Corridor that connects the two countries, the article added.

Username: Shashank Joshi

Twitter handle: @shashj

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