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IDF likely to receive new cannon systems

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) Artillery Corps is likely to receive new cannon systems as part of a multiyear plan. The two primary cannon systems being considered are Israel’s ATMOS and Germany’s AGM system, which will be manufactured in the US. The IDF Artillery Corps expects

Germany orders additional MUNGO 2 multipurpose vehicles

The German Army has placed an order with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) for the assembly and delivery of 31 additional MUNGO 2 multipurpose vehicles for the special operations division (DSO). The company delivered the first three preseries prototypes, which were qualified technically and ta

Sagem conducts Phoenix II battlefield trials for the French Army

Sagem has conducted Phoenix II battlefield trials for the French Army to reach its goal of developing new operational capabilities and advanced digital integration at the Mourmelon military base. The trials aimed to test the digitisation of communications between infantry soldiers, coord

Israeli Army unveils protester dispersal weapons

The Israeli Army has unveiled a new acoustic weapon, known as the Scream, at Qalandia checkpoint, north of Jerusalem. The Scream produces a sound that causes dizziness and nausea in individuals within seconds and prolonged exposure to the sound can lead to hearing impairment. The

Mitsubishi Heavy hit by cyber attack

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has been the latest victim of a cyber attack, targeting Japanese data pertaining to missiles, submarines and nuclear power plants. BBC News reported the company as saying that eight viruses were found on 45 servers and 38 computer terminals last m

Locked and loaded – the ethics of armed drones

The increased use of armed drones raised issues about the ethics of directing aerial attacks from miles away. Berenice Baker considers the concerns and examines whether international laws and military rules of engagement are keeping pace with rapidly developing technology.

Elbit to supply Cardom systems to IDF

The Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMoD) has awarded a contract to Elbit Systems to supply Cardom systems for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). The Cardom systems, manufactured by Elbit subsidiary Soltam Systems, integrate a 120mm mortar with innovative fire control, navigation, automatic a

BAE to deliver light armoured vehicles to US Army

The US Army TACOM has awarded a contract to BAE Systems through the foreign military sales route to produce and deliver nine second-generation international light armoured vehicles (ILAV). Under the $9m contract, the company will provide six ILAV explosive ordnance disposal variants and t

Azerbaijan Army to receive new UAVs this year

Azerbaijan’s armed forces will receive 60 Orbiter and Aerostar tactical unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) by the end of this year. The Azerbaijan Press Agency (APA) has reported that the UAVs were being built domestically by Azad Systems, a joint venture between Azerbaijan’s Defence Industry M

Israel purchases additional Keshet mortar systems

The Israeli Defence Ministry has signed a contract to provide the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) combat battalions with additional Keshet mortar systems. The $40m contract is aimed at providing IDF with improved precision fire capabilities that include increased speed and accuracy of mortar