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Projects By Region: South-America

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Latest Industry Projects In South-America

TUPI 4x4 Light Armoured Vehicle
Avibras and Renault Trucks Defense jointly developed the TUPI 4x4 light armoured vehicle for the Brazilian Army. The vehicle is an ideal platform for tactical missions such as patrol,...
Hunter TR-12 Multipurpose Tactical Vehicle
Hunter TR-12 is a 4x4 wheeled multi-purpose tactical armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed and manufactured by Armor International for the Colombian...

Agrale Marruá Military Utility Vehicles
The Marruá (Wild Bull) family of military utility vehicles is produced by Agrale, a company based in Brazil. The vehicles are used for troop transport, medical, command and control,...

Iveco VBTP-MR Armoured Personnel Carrier
The viatura blindada de transporte de pessoal-médio de rodas (VBTP-MR) is a new family of armoured personnel...

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