KrAZ Fiona 6x6 Armoured Vehicle, Ukraine

KrAZ Fiona

KrAZ Fiona is a multi-role, mine-protected, off-road, armoured vehicle designed and manufactured by Ukrainian automobile company AutoKrAZ (Kremenchutskyi Avtomobilnyi Zavod) in collaboration with Canadian armoured vehicles manufacturer Streit Group.

Based on the KrAZ-6322 6?6 all wheel drive (AWD) off-road truck chassis, the Fiona armoured vehicle is intended for the transportation of Special Forces personnel, equipment and cargo. It can also be configured to meet different mission needs of the armed forces.

The vehicle was unveiled at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX 2015) held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and was introduced in Ukraine August 2015. It also took part in the Defender of Ukraine Day in October that year.

KrAZ Fiona armoured vehicle design and features

The Fiona armoured vehicle features a V-shaped, monocoque armoured hull. It incorporates enhanced ballistic and blast protection features and offers high-performance. The interior can be modified as per the mission needs.

The vehicle has a length of 7.48m, width of 2.55m, height of 3.18m and a wheelbase of 4.1m. It is manned by two crewmen, a driver and a commander, and can carry up to 13 personnel in foldable type hanging seats.

The crew cabin, located at the front, has an entry / exit door with small bulletproof glass window on either side.

The troop compartment is equipped with four small bullet-proof windows and individual firing ports in the upper part of either side.

A hydraulically-driven door, placed at the rear of the vehicle, gives quick access to the troop compartment.

Equipment aboard the Fiona includes a rear view camera, search lights, towing hook, and air-conditioning system. An electric winch is fitted at the front of the vehicle for self-recovery on difficult terrains.

KrAZ Fiona armament

The KrAZ Fiona vehicle is armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun, mounted on an armoured turret with an open top.

Protection features of Fiona

The vehicle offers ballistic protection up to B6+ / STANAG 4569 Level 2 against small arms fire and blasts. It can withstand a double TM57 anti-tank mine explosion of 14kg TNT under any wheel and a single TM57 landmine detonation of 7kg TNT directly under the hull.

"The Fiona armoured vehicle is intended for the transportation of Special Forces personnel, equipment and cargo."

The armour plates around the turret provide 360° protection, while the bullet-resistant windshield improves crew safety. The vehicle is outfitted with hanging seats to offer additional protection for the infantrymen against explosions underneath the vehicle.

Engine details

Power for the Fiona comes from the engine compartment, which is placed at the front. The vehicle can be installed with a variety of turbocharged diesel engines having output power ranging between 300hp and 400hp, manufactured by companies such as YAMZ, Ford and Deutz. The vehicle carries two 250l fuel tanks.

The power pack also consists of Fast Gear transmission, manual / automatic gearbox and MFZ-430 clutch.

The vehicle has three driving axles with two wheels at the front and four wheels at the rear. The 1300?530-533 445/65R22.5 run-flat tyre systems installed in the wheels will keep the vehicle moving in the event of tyre damages. The tyres are fitted with central tyre inflation system (CTIS) for improved all-terrain mobility.

Fiona armoured vehicle performance

The KrAZ Fiona has a speed of approximately 80km/h and a range of 600km. It is capable of carrying out combat missions in urban environments and can negotiate rugged terrains.

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