GK-M1 4x4 Multi-Role Tactical Vehicle, Malaysia

GK-M1 4x4 multi-role tactical vehicle

GK-M1 4x4 lightweight multi-role tactical vehicle is developed by Global Komited, a subsidiary of Malaysian firm Weststar Defence Industries, for the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces.

The vehicle is intended for use by military and rapid reaction forces to perform a number of mission-specific operations such as reconnaissance, fire support, and special operations.

The GK-M1 variants include Special Operations Vehicle (SOV), Rapid Rover, Fit For Radio (FFR), Weapon Platform, and Gun Tower.

The SOV and FFR variants were recently displayed at the Defence Services Asia 2016 (DSA 2016) exhibition held in Malaysia.

Orders and deliveries

The Malaysian Army currently operates the GK-M1 Gun Tower and Weapon Platform variants. Global Komited partnered with Thales to offer GK-M1 Rapid Rover variant, fitted with Thales STARStreak missile, to the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces in April 2014.

The Ministry of Defence Malaysia placed an order for an undisclosed number of GK-M1 Rapid Rover vehicles in July 2015.

The Malaysian Army conducted a live firing exercise on a GK-M1 Rapid Rover prototype fitted with STARStreak missile in March 2016.

GK-M1 tactical vehicle design and features

The GK-M1 tactical vehicle is based on Toyota Hilux chassis. Its lightweight design allows for transportation by military aircraft as underslung loads.

It has a length of 5.7m, width of 1.8m, height of 2m and wheelbase of 3.08m. Its gross vehicle weight and payload capacities are 3,300kg and 500kg respectively and it features a double-cabin, double-door structure. The vehicle's crew includes one driver and three fully equipped infantrymen.

The SOV variant can carry payloads of 760kg and features an open steel body with a tubular space frame chassis. An electric winch with a towing capacity of approximately 2,000kg is mounted in the front.

GK-M1 armament and protection features

The GK-M1 weapon platform is provided with a circular weapons mount on an adjustable support atop of the crew cabin. The gun mount can be armed with a heavy machine gun or automatic grenade launcher to provide fire-power against light armoured targets, weapons, personnel and fortifications.

The Rapid Rover variant can be integrated with a Lightweight Multiple Launcher with Thales STARStreak VSHORAD (very short-range air defence) missile system at the rear section, to provide enhanced protection for key military installations against evolving threats.

The SOV variant comes with a circular 360° swing mount that can be armed with a general purpose machine gun, an automatic grenade launcher, a heavy machine gun, and a Gatling gun.


The GK-M1 multi-role tactical vehicle is driven by a 3l 1KD-FTV TDI diesel engine featuring inline, four-cylinder, common rail, 16-valve, turbocharged, and double overhead camshaft design. The engine is located at the forward section of the vehicle and offers an output power of approximately 175hp. It is coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission system.

"The vehicle is intended for use by military and rapid reaction forces to perform a number of mission-specific operations such as reconnaissance, fire support, and special operations."

An independent double wishbone coil spring is used for the suspension of the front axle, while rear suspension is provided by a semi-elliptical leaf spring.

The vehicle has disc brakes on the front wheels, whereas the rear wheels use drum brakes. Its fuel carrying capacity is approximately 80l.

Mobility of the multi-role tactical vehicle

Fitted with LT245 / 75R16 tyres and 4×2 / 4×4 transfer case, the vehicle offers high mobility in all terrain conditions.

It can attain a maximum speed of 110km/h and can travel up to a maximum range of approximately 800km. Its fording depth is 0.6m and turning circle diameter is 13.5m.

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