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Armoured Fighting Vehicles Gallery

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Al-Thalab Long-Range Patrol Vehicle

ATOM Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

BMD-4M Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BMP-3F Marines Fighting Vehicle

BRV-O (Blast-Resistant Vehicle - Off Road)

BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carrier

BTR-82A Armoured Personnel Carrier

Bv206S Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier

CM-32 Yunpao Armoured Personnel Carrier

Cobra II Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

CV90 Armoured Combat Vehicle

DefTech AV8 Multi-Role Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

Dzik Multipurpose Armoured Vehicle

EAGLE 6x6 Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)

Fennek 2 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

Fuchs 2 Armoured Personnel Carrier

GAZ-2330 Tigr Light Armoured Vehicle

Gepard Mobile Air Defence System

GPV Colonel 8x8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV)

Hunter TR-12 Multipurpose Tactical Vehicle

KMW Special Operation Vehicle (SOV)

Kozak-2 Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicle

KrAZ-Spartan Self-Driving Armoured Vehicle

Kurganets-25 (Object 695) Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Lazika Infantry Fighting Vehicle

MaxxPro MRAP Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Medium Assault Vehicle - Light (MAV-L)

MineWolf Mine-Clearance Machine

Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (MSFV)

Namer Heavy Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Pandur 6x6 Wheeled Armoured Vehicles

Pandur II 6x6 and 8x8 Light Armoured Vehicles

Panhard VBL (Light Armoured Vehicle)

Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle (CLV)

Paramount Mbombe 6x6 Armoured Fighting Vehicle

PARS 6x6 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle

Peace Keeping Security Vehicle (PKSV)

Piranha V Armoured Wheeled Vehicles

Polaris DAGOR Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle

RG Outrider Light Armoured Mine-Protected Vehicle

RG31 Mk5 Mine-Protected Vehicle

RG33 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle (MRAP)

Scimitar Mark 2 Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

SEP Modular Armoured Tactical System

Shadow Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting Vehicle (RST-V)

SLWH Pegasus 155mm Lightweight Howitzer

Stryker Armoured Combat Vehicle Family

Textron Tactical-Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

TUPI 4x4 Light Armoured Vehicle

Valuk Light Armoured Vehicle

Vextra 105 Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

Viking (BvS10) Amphibious Armoured All-Terrain Vehicle