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Sentry-H Software-Defined Radio

Codan Radio Communications

Sentry-H SDR

The Sentry-H software-defined radio (SDR) with next generation digital voice, 3G ALE and frequency hopping is the most robust and intuitive high-power HF and SDR radio we've ever built for voice and data communications.

The ruggedised and versatile design of the Sentry-H's RF unit makes installation into permanent and temporary bases simple. A Codan Sentry-H base configuration delivers reliable and powerful communications over vast distances, with standard power output of 150W and expandable power output of up to 1,000W.

Codan's Sentry-H is a part of a broader family of tactical solutions including the Sentry-V (VHF) tactical handheld radio, Patrol 2110M manpack radio, and our RIOS interoperability solution, which integrates a range of communications devices including radios, smartphones and computers.