Tactical-Grade Gyro and Inertial Measurement Units

SAR100 angular rate sensor



Calibrated and compensated digital gyro sensor with SPI interface housed in a rigid custom ceramic LCC package to accommodate for either horizontal or vertical mounting.

Key features of the Sar100 include:

  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • High reliability and robustness over long lifetime
  • Low vibration sensitivity
  • High overload and shock capability
  • Butterfly balanced design for high mechanical common mode rejection
  • Closed-loop force feedback operation with electrostatic frequency tuning
  • Low bias drift
  • Ideal mono crystalline Si material
  • Wafer level sealing with controlled Q-factor
  • Low power
  • Single voltage supply
  • Fully digital with SPI communication and on chip OTP calibration
  • Digitally controlled sample rate
  • Bandwidth defined by built in 4th order digital LP filter
  • Intrinsic continuous diagnostic monitoring
  • Temperature sensor
  • No external components required

Application areas include:

  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Subsea
  • Rescue
  • Maritime

For more information, please see Sensonor's website here.