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ODU AMC® Push-Pull


Project lead

With its Push-Pull design, the ODU AMC can be swiftly mated without force and unmated quickly. Both of these tasks can be done blind, without needing to see the connector.

The locking state is unambiguous and reliable even in hard-to-access places.

Push-Pull plugs and Break-Away plugs can be mated or interchanged with the same receptacle.They are:

  • Quick and simple mating and locking
  • Quick and easy unmating
  • Blind mating and unmating possible
  • Low space requirements for devices
  • Unambiguous and reliable locking state
  • Low force required


  • Extremely robust and stable housing with non-reflecting surface
  • Maximum operating reliability thanks to mechanical keying and visual colour coding
  • Operating temperature range from -51° C (-60° F) to +125° C (+257° F)
  • Contacts for solder and PCB termination
  • High-speed data technology
  • Long service life; more than 5,000 mating cycles
  • Five sizes
  • Push-Pull locking
  • Watertight: protection class IP 68 and IP 69 K
  • 3 - 55 poles
  • Light, compact and easy to use - blind mating is also possible
  • 360° shielding for excellent, trouble-free data transfer
  • Versatile and individually configurable: Signal, power, high/low voltage transfer and coax possible within one connector