Specialist Mechanical Engineers

Custom Military HVAC, Dust and NBC Filtration Systems

Mk2000 Air-Conditioner

Specialist Mechanical Engineers

This Mk2000 air-conditioner provides reliable cooling for industrial enclosures within extremely high-temperature environments. It is also equipped with a filtration system for harmful chemical vapours, as well as the removal of coarse and fine dust particles.

The chemical filtration system can deal with nearly all known harmful chemical gasses including tear gas, fluorides and sulphides. Typical applications are high-temperature factory environments with high dust and chemical loads in the operational environment.

It can be used to cool switch gear, PLC's, variable speed motor drives, electronics and human operators. One of the additional benefits of the chemical filtration unit is that it will remove corrosive agents and thereby improve the life expectancy of all electrical / electronic components commonly found in electrical enclosures.

The trademark aspect of all the aircons in the MicroKool series is that it can be applied and used in ambient temperatures up to 65°C. This aircon is very easy to maintain and all spare parts are readily available.

It is also versatile and the controller can be customised to suit client requirements and for virtually any application. It is also possible to set the enclosure temperature to any given value.

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