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The ASCOD is one of the best infantry/cavalry fighting vehicles in the world today.

It is the result of development and co-operation at Santa Bárbara Sistemas (Pizarro) and Austria-based company Steyr (Ulan), as the Spanish and Austrian government requirements coincided.

The first prototype was ready in 1992 and four years later, the Spanish government awarded a contract to Santa Barbara Sistemas to produce a first phase of 144 units.

This included 123 infantry/cavalry, VCI/C , and 21 command, VCPC, extended in a second phase by a further 120 units (264 in total).
In addition, 112 vehicles were provided to the Austrian Army (ULAN).

VCI/I ASCOD is a tracked armoured vehicle with a monocoque hull of armour steel plates and a capacity for a combat group of seven riflemen and a three-man crew, with a high power/weight ratio due to its combat weight (31t-42t).

A power pack and running gear with seven wheels, three supporting rollers and wide steel track make it a high mobility vehicle with maximum speeds of 70km/h forward and 35km/h in reverse.

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