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The heart of Cristanini's decontamination system is the Sanijet C. 921 decontamination and detoxification system. With its frame made of stainless steel, it can be heli-borne, carried on trucks or light vehicles, or smoothly handled on the ground when equipped with tyres. In addition to this, the system can also be customised with standard accessories according to a client's requirements.

A powder, liquid or two liquids can be simultaneously expelled from the unit under different percentages.The system also works as a generator and can operate effectively in altitide environments.

Cristanini's Sanijet C.921 ASP/3 MIL decontaminatin and detoxification system can effectively clean a large capacity field station under continuous and simultaneous detoxification of vehicles, personnel and equipment for fire-fighting and ground decontamination.

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Cristanini Decontamination Systems Portfolio Cristanini's range of decontamination and detoxification systems and acessories provide an efficient, long-lasting performance on a variety environments, transportation and protective clothing.