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ARTEMIS - Ruggedised PCs



ARTEMIS makes it possible to use a PC operating system from the last generation, and is intended to be embedded on vehicles and used in operation in very constraining environments.

ARTEMIS results from the very strong industrial experiment of ATERMES, obtained by several years of marketing and optimisation of the first generation of the ARTEMIS in its various versions.

More than 1,500 ARTEMIS are already in use worldwide.

ARTEMIS is designed to be embedded in land systems, stationary or mobile.

ARTEMIS allows the integration of different softwares provided by the final user or by the customer.

They can be used in several application domains:

  • Embedded camera display
  • Control / command of different inter-connected sub-systems (i.e., optronic system, surveillance system and information system)
  • Cartography
  • Battle management systems


Available Downloads


ARTEMIS 2G 8in The new generation of the ruggedised tactical terminal proposed by ATERMES.