Specialist Mechanical Engineers

Custom Military HVAC, Dust and NBC Filtration Systems

16kW Dual Evaporator Air Conditioning Unit

Specialist Mechanical Engineers

The MSDI8 DUAL is a 16kW, dual-evaporator air-conditioning unit. The evaporators are purposely designed to be an universal coil that can be mounted in multiple positions inside a military vehicle.

The ducting interface is custom designed to suit the vehicle-specific duct layout. Mounting brackets are custom designed to fit the
required interface. Each evaporator unit contains two double scroll blowers.

The electrical control box can be mounted on either evaporator enclosure or as a freestanding unit. A choice of two configurations is available with this air-conditioning system: a single unit 8kW (MSDI8) or a dual unit 16kW (MSDI8 DUAL).

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