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25 September 2016
Latest Companies

TACO Antenna - VHF and UHF Communications Antennas for Military and Commercial Communications

BEI Precision Systems & Space Company - Optical Encoders, Scanners and Accelerometers

Plasan - Armour Systems for Military Vehicles

Sprung - Rapidly Deployable Engineered Membrane Structures for the Defence Industry

Hidrofilt - Containerised and Mobile Water Treatment Solutions for Defence Industries

Press Releases

TSS Appointed Official European Distributor for B&G Electronics
As of July 1, Netherlands-based TSS International BV were appointed official European distributor for B&G Electronics.

AT Communication Announces Tactical Transceiver Range Expansion with Sentry-H™ HF SDR Launch
AT Communication is pleased to announce the expansion of its Tactical range of transceivers with the launch of the Sentry-H™ high-frequency (HF), software-defined radio (SDR).

Codan Radio Communications Adds Sentry-H High-Frequency (HF) Software Defined Radio (SDR) to Sentry Tactical Radio Family
Codan Radio Communications expands its Sentry™ product family with the introduction of the Sentry-H™ High Frequency (HF) SDR radio.

CNIM to Exhibit at ADAS 2016
CNIM has the pleasure to inform you that we will be exhibiting at Asian Defence and Security (ADAS) 2016 from 28-30 September at the World Trade Centre, Metro Manila Philippines (WTCMM).

Oxley Shortlisted for Prestigious Exporter of the Year Award
Oxley Group has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious Exporter of the Year 2016 in the CN Group Business Awards.

White Papers

Fully Integrated Ground Vehicle Computing and Video Solution
The customer required a powerful mission computer capable of running their own software applications in a standard Intel Linux environment, to be fit to an existing ground vehicle...

Oerlikon Skyshield® MOOTW / C-RAM System
The opponent side using rockets, artillery and mortar (RAM) in asymmetric warfare is highly mobile and very difficult to identify and to distinguish. The Oerlikon Skyshield® MOOTW / C-RAM System...

Central Energy Storage (CES) Device
The Central Energy Storage (CES) device is the latest in a family of conformable batteries from Denchi Power. The evolutionary device replaces the normal rigid case with a flexible canvas...

Excellence in Connectivity Solutions
With extreme environmental changes and load factors up to 10g, electrical and electronic systems for aircraft require cables and connectors of superior quality....

Rapid Deployment Shelters
Rapid Deployment Shelters (RDS) are designed to fulfil multiple functions including: accommodation, catering (mess) tents, equipment storage, operational offices, maintenance workshops and...


Inside ASDOT: the UK MoD’s new fighter trainer
QinetiQ, Thales and Textron AirLand have announced a collaborative bid to lead the UK Ministry of Defence’s upcoming Air Support to Defence Operational Training (ASDOT) programme. Claire Apthorp looks at the move, which is the latest step in an accelerated programme to find a service provider by January 2020 when the current electronic warfare-type training activity ends.

August’s top stories: US-Saudi $1.15bn sale, Canadian Army’s first TAPV
Saudi Arabia has requested a $1.15bn sale of battle tanks and vehicles from US, the Canadian Army received its first TAPV from Textron Systems and Lockheed's PAC-3 MSE interceptor achieves initial operational capability. Army-technology.com wraps up key headlines from August.

Armoured vehicle manufactures look on the light side to shed weight
When it comes to ballistic protection, vehicle manufacturers experience the same problem as dismounted soldiers: the weight of armour. To tackle the problems created by heavyweight armour – such as difficulties in transport and manoeuvrability – vehicle manufacturers have been working on new materials and methods in a bid to maintain the same level of protection at a lighter weight. We take a look at innovative developments underway. Claire Apthorp reports.

Wrong kit, wrong place: will the Chilcot lessons be learned?
“Lessons will be learned” is a mantra that has become the required response to every British inquiry into instances of abuse, scandal or disaster, typically uttered shortly before the conclusions drawn are forgotten, the recommendations ignored, and in time, the same mistakes repeated. Seven years and £10m of public money in the making, is the long-awaited Chilcot report destined to suffer the same fate, or are things at last about to change? Dr Gareth Evans reports.

NATO summit 2016: common interests take sharp focus
At the NATO summit in Warsaw, NATO and the EU issued their first joint declaration on security cooperation, pledging to work together particularly in the fields of hybrid warfare and cyber warfare, as well as joint maritime operations to prevent illegal migration. Claire Apthorp takes a closer look at these policy decisions and asks how they will shape the defence landscape in the near future.


Uran-6 Mine-Clearing Robot
Uran-6 is a multi-functional, mine-clearing robotic system manufactured by JSC 766 UPTK for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Next-Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)
The Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF) next-generation armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) was unveiled in June 2016. It is being developed by Singapore’s Defence, Science and Technology Agency in collaboration with ST Engineering and the SAF.

Polaris MRZR-D4 Off-Road Vehicle
MRZR-D4 is a new off-road vehicle developed by Polaris Defense, a division of Polaris Industries. It is a high-performance, turbo-charged diesel variant of the MRZR 4 vehicle.

GK-M1 4x4 Multi-Role Tactical Vehicle
GK-M1 4x4 lightweight multi-role tactical vehicle is developed by Global Komited, a subsidiary of Malaysian firm Weststar Defence Industries, for the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces.

Arlan Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle
Arlan 4x4 multi-role armoured wheeled vehicle is produced by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) in collaboration with the Kazakhstan military, based on the Marauder mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle produced by Paramount Group, located in South Africa.

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