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21 September 2017
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Latest Companies

CGear Australia - Tactical / Civilian Helipads and Helimat Products for Military Helicopters

Qnective - Critical Infrastructure Networks and Communication Solutions for Defence Units

Fabryka Broni "LUCZNIK" – Radom - Assault Rifles, Close Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns and Self-Loading Pistols

MESKO SA - Ammunition, Anti-Armour and Anti-Aircraft Missile Supplier

Gichner Systems Group - Mobile Tactical Shelters

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Press Releases

IDE Launches Innovative Hybrid GENAIRCON at DSEi 2017
INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE) participated in the international exhibition DSEi 2017, one of the largest defence and security exhibitions that took place in London from 12-15 September.

Rubb Wins Contract to Provide Carillion Amey with Storage Warehouse
Rubb Buildings has won a contract to provide Carillion Amey with a 25m (w) x 48m (l) BVE type structure, which will be used as a storage warehouse.

Pearson Engineering Counter-IED rollers Destined for Afghanistan
Pearson Engineering has secured its position as market leader in the supply of Counter-IED rollers following a contract award by the US Army Contracting Command.

SmartPlanes to Showcase Solutions at Intergeo 2017
SmartPlanes will be showcasing its range of solutions at this year's Intergeo in Berlin, Germany.

IRD Closely Monitors Hurricane Irma
Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD), the agency responsible for weight and safety enforcement in Georgia, contacted IRD in advance of Hurricane Irma's landfall in order to see what features they could use to monitor the traffic at their weigh stations and provide useful information to internal and external stakeholders

White Papers

The Next Threat in Event Security: Guarding Against the ‘Lone Wolf’
With the threat of 'lone wolf' terror attacks rising, the need for perimeter security is now...

Heavy Tracked Vehicles
The High Lift Adaptor (HLA) is a special-to-role equipment common interface system that provides better approach angles for heavy-weight combat vehicles and enables hydraulic connection and...

Helicopter Slip Rings for Military Applications
Cobham Aerospace Communications designs, manufactures and qualifies slip rings for light, medium and heavy helicopters in military...

Are Service Bodies Better Made from Steel or Aluminium?
There is no simple black and white answer. Many factors will decide which metal is best for any given...

How Evolving Terror Tactics Have Driven Advances in Perimeter Security
Many urban threats used to be seen, at least in the eyes of the public, as things that happened on other shores. However, an increase in urban attacks of late has put pressure on security...


The story of Palau and its place in US military strategy
An archipelago of just 21,000 inhabitants, Palau has come to have a special place in the strategic plans of the world’s largest economy. We find out why the US places such importance on continued cooperation.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 79
In this issue: The race to perfect intercontinental missile interception, Germany’s new cyber security centre, Dutch defence upgrades, secure IFF equipment for aircraft, new rules for space warfare, cybersecurity concerns over Trident, naval construction logistics and more.

Inside the Defence Animal Training Regiment: Britain’s school for army animals
Animals have played a part in military activity for centuries and still play a major role today, be it in ceremonial roles or on the front line. So who takes care of the military animals, and how has their job changed over the years? Claire Apthorp finds out more.

Inside the Dutch military superstructure
After a decade of stagnation, the Dutch defence budget is now set to rise, with spending forecast to grow by around US$1.3 billion over the next four years. Driven by the needs of modernisation, NATO commitments and the increasingly complex global security picture, the investment will undoubtedly help bolster capability, but it has also re-ignited a simmering debate over the country’s future as a military power.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 78
In this issue: Autonomous systems for frontline resupply, electric hub-drive technology for armoured vehicles, the F-35’s arrival in Europe, how to turn an air force base into a ‘smart base’, the future of littoral warfare and more.


Supacat Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) 600
The Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) 600 is a new rapid intervention vehicle developed by Supacat to meet the challenging requirements of the special forces.

SPEAR MK2 Mortar System
SPEAR MK2 is a fully autonomous, soft-recoil 120mm mortar based on a 4x4 light wheeled armoured vehicle.

TRG-122 Guided Artillery Missile
TRG-122 is a 122mm precision-guided artillery rocket designed to provide high firepower against high pay-off surface targets at long ranges.

Agni-V Long Range Ballistic Missile (LRBM)
Agni-V is a long-range ballistic missile (LRBM) being developed indigenously by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India.

Volat MZKT-490100 Light Armoured Vehicle
Volat MZKT-490100 light armoured vehicle is designed and built by Volat (OJSC Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant) to support the missions of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

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