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28 September 2016
Industry News

UK MoD calls on Europe to increase security efforts
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has asked Europe to increase its efforts against terrorism and migration.

US DoD to invest and rebuild its nuclear deterrence enterprise capabilities
US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has announced that close to $19bn will be spent on the Department of Defense's (DoD) nuclear deterrence enterprise in 2017.

UK MoD launches competitions seeking new defence technologies
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Home Office have launched two competitions seeking solutions to defence issues.

France to acquire Heckler & Koch's HK416 assault rifle
France’s Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) has awarded a contract to Heckler & Koch to provide HK416 assault rifle for the French Army.

Press Releases

Phantom Technologies to Exhibit at Israel HLS and Cyber 2016
Phantom Technologies will be showcasing our latest security solutions at this year's Israel HLS and Cyber between 14-17 November at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre.

Xplore Technologies Announces Additional $1.1 Million Ultra-Rugged Tablet Order for US Military Project
Xplore Technologies has announced an additional $1.1 million follow-on order for customised XC6 M2 tablets as part of a project for the United States military.

The Creation of a Global Channel, a Lasting Connection with Global Customers
Almost two decades ago, Xplore recognised a distinct demand for ruggedised computers emerge worldwide.

TSS Appointed Official European Distributor for B&G Electronics
As of July 1, Netherlands-based TSS International BV were appointed official European distributor for B&G Electronics.

AT Communication Announces Tactical Transceiver Range Expansion with Sentry-H™ HF SDR Launch
AT Communication is pleased to announce the expansion of its Tactical range of transceivers with the launch of the Sentry-H™ high-frequency (HF), software-defined radio (SDR).

White Papers

SATCOM Helical Antenna Upgrade

Sensor Aided Luminescent Targeting System (SALTS)
Sensor Aided Luminescent Targeting Systems (SALTS) can be used with all small arms equipped with a picatinny...

Fully Integrated Ground Vehicle Computing and Video Solution
The customer required a powerful mission computer capable of running their own software applications in a standard Intel Linux environment, to be fit to an existing ground vehicle...

Oerlikon Skyshield® MOOTW / C-RAM System
The opponent side using rockets, artillery and mortar (RAM) in asymmetric warfare is highly mobile and very difficult to identify and to distinguish. The Oerlikon Skyshield® MOOTW / C-RAM System...

Central Energy Storage (CES) Device
The Central Energy Storage (CES) device is the latest in a family of conformable batteries from Denchi Power. The evolutionary device replaces the normal rigid case with a flexible canvas...

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